Monday, 14 February 2011

Tikva/Hope in Odessa

I introduce here Madeleine Whiteson as my guest post this week. Originally this piece was supposed to have gone out two weeks ago before their embarkation to the Ukraine. However they are now back from their visit to the Tikva children’s home in Odessa Ukraine.

For more information about Tikva please go to;

I think this is the first time that a group from the United Synagogue has ever done such a thing and I as the Rabbi of the community, am extremely proud of their achievements. This Shabbat, 19th February in Kenton Shul there will be a Shabbat Kodesh Programme which will centre on this trip.

Here are the words from Madeleine:

Almost two years ago, David Harris delivered an inspiring Shabbat Kodesh Programme centred on his visit to the Tikva Children’s Home in Odessa, Ukraine:

I resolved there and then that I should like to undertake something similar. I realised that a few people might be interested so eventually I put a notice in Mah Chadash asking for anyone wanting to go to contact me. Enough people responded for me to decide to follow it up with the Tikvah Organisation, who gave me Rebecca Nahon as a contact.

We arranged a meeting for 5th October, and as a result, fifteen of us are visiting Odessa from the 3rd to the 6th February. Fourteen are members of Kenton Shul : David and Vivian Harris, Daniel Harris plus a family friend Chantal smith, Geoffrey and Irene Herman, Jenny Lamsli, Rivka Conrad, Aubrey Kutner, Danny Tuchband, Ruth and Michael Topper, Sharon Arad, Robert Brody and myself; Madeleine Whiteson.

This is probably the first group going from a Synagogue, but it is certainly the largest.

We are taking twelve sets of Tefillin as a result of donations to a Tefillin fund by members of the Shul and beyond. These are badly needed according to the information David harris gave us. In addition we are taking new clothes, toys, books etc, to suit children from babyhood up to sixteen.

Sydney Faber will be our leader in Odessa and he has warned us to expect temperatures of -15° to -20°!

So, see you on Shabbat in two weeks time when we return to the tropical climate of Kenton! We shall hope to give you much more first hand information then, once we have thawed out!

Finally to all those who have donated time, money and/or goods to this trip a very big thank you.

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